Established in 2003, My Property Cyprus is managed by specialists in the real estate sector in Cyprus. Our website is a rich and unique online platform where potential buyers from around the world can directly meet established property developers in Cyprus, to view their latest projects on the island.

So, why is this unique?

Because My Property Cyprus does not merely build a bridge between buyers and sellers. Behind this website stands a complete team of professionals who are willing and able to serve as your consultants; independent consultants who will walk you across the bridge, safely and securely, step by step to your desired property.
We realize that there are many different reasons to purchase a property in Cyprus, but mainly:

  • To acquire a second home in a safe and sunny destination where quality of life is exceptional
  • To invest in a prime coastal property that will appreciate over time
  • To invest in Cyprus as a means of acquiring citizenship or permanent residence in a member state of the European Union, with all the benefits that accompany this status.

In cooperation with long-standing associates we will make sure that you achieve your personal or entrepreneurial goals. In particular, we will assist you with the acquisition of a high-end property so you can benefit from our ‘fast track’ scheme to obtain a permanent residence permit and Cyprus (EUROPEAN) citizenship.

Understanding your needs and concerns

We realize that the acquisition of real estate outside your home country is a serious and substantial capital investment. Naturally, you may have valid concerns regarding your legal and tax obligations. Having access to accurate and reliable guidance is therefore crucial. We will ensure that every prospective buyer is in a position to make a sound and informed decision based on the facts, and free from unpleasant surprises.

Who we serve

Serving individual clients as well as investors, our team combines the expertise of professional local real estate consultants, lawyers, tax and financial advisors, as well as corporate service providers. Together they will ensure that all legal and formal procedures are dealt will efficiently and in compliance with the law.

By consulting My Property Cyprus, you too can look forward to your own home in Cyprus, as well as permanent residence on the island - in the shortest possible time. This can then lead to Cyprus citizenship and all the valuable benefits that EU citizens enjoy.

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